How to Join

Joining the GWRRA is as easy as coming to one of our meetings and speaking with one of the executive.  Or, you can visit and join on-line.

GWRRA Membership Programs:

Individual Membership:  $55 for one year, $105 for two years and $150 for three years.

Family Membership: $65 for one year, $125 for two years and $180 for three years.

(all fees in US funds)

Life Membership:
For those individuals who have been a Member of GWRRA for twenty consecutive years and pay a nominal annual membership fee of $20 per year.

Subscription Only:
The subscriber receives 12 issues of Wing World magazine for $40 per year.

Business Membership:
Available with three levels of membership options. Level 1 provides your business name and website link in black for only $250 a year; Level 2 provides your business name, logo and website link in black for just $350 a year, and Level 3 provides your business name, logo, website link and a full-color ad for only $500 a year. As a Business Member you also receive the GWRRA Business Logo for use in your advertising and marketing; biannual listing in Wing World magazine; signage at Wing Ding; certificate to exhibit in your place of business; a listing in the Gold Book; and a 12-month subscription to Wing World magazine.