Spring Safety Tune-Up

SPRING!  Finally!  The snow is almost gone and in some areas the gravel is off the road.  That means it's time to get that winged steed out of storage and get it ready for riding season.   

For some, riding season may not have ended.  Or it might have been on pause for a few weeks.

Regardless, spring is a good time for some routine maintenance on both ourselves and our bikes/trikes to make sure we're safe and ready to go.

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First, how about that T-CLOCS inspection?  Tires and wheels.  Controls.  Lights and electric. Oil and fluids.  Chassis.  Stands.  This is a good time to go through everything and fix what needs fixing.

All good?  How about ourselves?  Are we feeling ready to ride?  Maybe we've had some issues over the winter we need to think about such as balance, eyesight or mobility.  Have we had any discussion with our medical professionals about our ability to ride?  We should have a little chat with ourselves to make a realistic evaluation about our abilities and our stamina.

Maybe we need to think about our skill level.  What have we done over the winter to keep us thinking about the skills we need to be a safe rider? There are lots of good articles available to read to get our heads in the safe riding game.  Maybe there are some courses or seminars we could take to help us refresh our skills. 

Check this site for upcoming courses or contact a member of the rider education team.

These courses are part of the Levels program, but you don't need to be in the Levels program to take them.  Any GWRRA member take participate in the education opportunities.

Let's all take the opportunity for a safety tune up.  Not only for our motorcycles, but ourselves as well.